TURBOback NEXT is an innovative software for small and medium-sized bakeries


Bercher GmbH


Development, UX Design


July 13, 2020


Keeping track of numerous orders, delivery notes and customers is not always easy for bakeries. Managers and employees want to be able to access the most important data 24/7 and from anywhere.


TURBOback NEXT greatly simplifies management of a bakery, especially due to the intuitive user interface, worldwide accessibility and integration with essential appllications.


TURBOback NEXT is the new, innovative ERP solution especially for craft bakers. With its practical and clear user interface, TURBOback NEXT makes planning, controling and optimizing day-to-day business easier. The cloud solution is not dependent on any specific hardware, no installation is necessary. It can therefore be used at any time and in any place. You can even place an order on your phone.

I developed TURBOback NEXT in collaboration with Optimobercher GmbH. Two years after the initial release in October 2019, 420 businesses are already registered on TURBOback and over 7.5 million items have been delivered with TURBOback NEXT.