openSAP - Connected Goods

openSAP is a E-learning platform which features new technology from SAP. I helped to design a interactive task for over 25000 participants. It showcased the new IoT solution Connected Goods.

From April until June 2017 I was based at the SAP Labs in Palo Alto. In this course I helped in the Connected Goods development team which is the IoT solution for customer facing IoT products and smart devices. Since this is a very innovative topic the openSAP team in Palo Alto took the initiative to share insight about IoT at SAP. With over 25000 participants this course became a major success. In cooperation with the openSAP course creators and the Connected Goods team we designed a task which simulated IoT devices with the users web browser data. Connected Goods could then analyse this huge amount of data and dig deeper into the correlation of different aspects.

Here you can find the course details: